Victory in Christ deliverance Sessions

Deliverance Sessions

Please attend Sunday Service and speak to the Pastors or the Deliverance Minister before attending this service

Come, Break Free and see your life change for the better! Deliverance plays an important part of the church as we believe that the ministry that Jesus and the early apostles did, needs to carry on. Part of Jesus and the apostles ministry was to deliver people who were suffering under demonic oppression such as the time Jesus cast out the demons out of the two men that lived in the cemetery and were so violent that no one could go through that area so Jesus cast the demons out of them (Matthew 8: 28). Before members of the congregation go for deliverance sessions, we recommend reading the following book, 'Deliverance: Your Key to Freedom' by Maria Yiangou. Also, before deliverance sessions begin we do a ½ hour teaching on the following: what is deliverance, the benefits of being set free and how you can maintain your deliverance. Please ask the ushers for more information regarding the time and place deliverance sessions take place.



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