Free from the Power of Witchcraft!

I was in a very high position (manegerial role) and I was being promoted every few years. The department I was head of had been outstanding and everything was going very well for me until I interviewed a woman for a job and I did not give it to her as her experience and qualifications were not right for the job.

From that day onwards, I was constantly being demoted and I could not work it out! I would get up at 2am thinking how could this happen to me…. A woman of a great knowledge, experience and dedication to my job and all of it came to nothing. I was becoming more and more frustrated at what was happening at work and just did not understand it, why were the demotions occuring even after all my hard work, commitment and dedication! One day I went into the refectory and as I was sitting there thinking about how bad things had become as a Christian and in my place of work, Pastor Maria walked in to say goodbye as she was leaving the college. I explained what was happeing and Pastor Maria explained things in the spiritual realm and how they can affect situations in the physical. She gave me her number and said to call her for prayer. A week later, I was very desparate as things were getting worse and nobody seemed to understand what was going on at work. I called the pastor and she came with the Church elder, Sr Ayshe one Sunday evening. They both prayed for me and discerned their was a spirit that had been sent to destroy my career, and that it was witchcraft and I should start attending deliverance sessions every Tuesday evening at the church.

At last there was an explanation and I could not wait until I started attending deliverance sessions. As soon as I started going to the sessions, I noticed drastic changes in every area in my life. I had no more headaches, I had no more sleepless nights, I found favour in my manager’s eyes, my work started going well – the results were amazing! I have now come to understand that deliverance is not a one off thing, but is a process and as long as you are living right, reading the word, fellowshipping with believers, praying then when these spirits are commanded out of your life, your life will change!