Special Events and Celebrations 2023

Women of Valuour 2023 Conference


by | Jun 3, 2020

Event Date(s) Service Times Why attend?
Deliverance Programme TBC 8:30 – 10pm

Deliverance programme to take place over a five-day period. Fast from Sunday – Thursday and attend Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for deliverance. (Matthew 8:16)


Day of Honour & Appreciation for our General Overseer 26/03/23 1pm Honour and appreciate our General Overseer, SeniorPastor Andy Yiangou this month! (Romans 13:7)
Passover Celebrations

05/04/23 (fast & pray) start of Passover



(fast & pray) end of Passover


Evening Service for both days at 6:30pm. Start fasting and praying thanking God for the blood of the Lamb (Jesus), applying it on your life, family, household etc.  (Matthew 26:17 – 30)
Resurrection Sunday Service



10:30am Celebrate the life of Jesus and what He did on the cross of calvary for our salvation. (Luke 23:34 – 46)
Day of Pentecost

Start fasting on 26/05/23 –


Attend Sunday Service at 10:30am This is the day where God commands two types of blessings: Spiritual and Financial. (Acts 2)

Whole Church Family

Picnic in the Park fellowship

23/07/23 at 2pm Forty Hall Park Church will be providing lunch for all of us to gather and spend time together

Rosh Hashanah



Friday, 15/09/23 – Sunday, 17/09/23 Attend Friday service at 6:30pm Celebrate with us the Biblical New Year 

Day of Atonement and Holy Assembly. Please follow the following on this day:

Fast &Pray, No work, Attend Church, Offer a special offering

Fasting begins on 24/09/23 at Sunset and ends on 25/09/23 (Sunset) Meet 25/09/23 at 6:30pm in church This is the most important day of the year and we celebrate how Jesus atoned for our sins, He became the atonement sacrifice!  (1 John 4:10)
Day of Honour and Appreciation for our Senior Pastor 15/10/23 1pm Honour and appreciate our Senior Pastor, Pastor Maria Yiangou this month! (Romans 13:7)
Women of Valour Conference 25/11/2023 4pm – 10pm Come and experience God’s mighty power sweep over women in this conference.
Thanksgiving Service 24/12/23 6:30pm Celebrate the birth of Jesus and thank Him for all he has done for you in 2023 (Luke 17:12 – 19)
New Year’s Eve and Feet Washing Service 31/12/2023 10pm Come and hear what the Lord will do in 2024 and have your feet washed to take dominion over the earth(John 13:2 -17).
Holy Communion

One Sunday a month


TBA Do not miss Holy Communion as we remember what Jesus did on the cross of Calvary through taking Holy Communion. (2 Corinthians 13:14)
Blessing of Marriages and New Born Babies  Sundays 1pm Please make your requests to our General Overseer for these occasions.


Victory in Christ Ministries –What’s on?

Service Day of the Week Time

Why attend?



Family Worship Healing Service





10:30 – 1pm

Sunday is our day of rest, a day to hear the word God has for you, a day you can worship Him, where you can experience emotional, physical and financial healing. It is also a day to be anointed. Do not miss this service! (Exodus 20:8 -10)


Sunday School (ages 2 – 11)


Sunday 10:30pm – 1pm Sunday School for children aged 2 – 11 to listen to Bible stories, sing Christian songs and play games. 


Youth Service (ages 12 – 18)


Sunday 10:30pm – 1pm Youth meetings for young people aged 12 and over to hear godly teaching, fellowship with one another and play board games etc.
Young People Meet Up ages 19+ Fridays or Saturdays (once a month) TBC Young people meet up to encourage each other in God, talk about God and have a monthly social.


Counselling Sessions with the Pastors and Ministers





1:00 – 2:00pm

Do you have a special announcement to make, do you need counselling or advice for a particular situation or are you interested in attending deliverance, then please approach the Pastors or Ministers.
Daily Prayer and Counselling Phoneline Everyday 9:30am – 9pm Please call or text the Pastors who are available to pray for you and counsel you on a daily basis. Telephone number: 07711 091032


Deliverance Sessions



8:15pm – 9:30pm


Pastors& Ministers will approach members of the congregation to discuss their attendance at these sessions.


Bible Study


Thursdays on ZOOM


8:00 – 9:00pm


Hear amazing revelations from the word of God by attending Bible Study Service that will equip you in your knowledge and understanding.
Foodbank Saturdays 12:30 – 1:30pm Every Saturday we provide a foodbank for the local community.
Women’s Afternoon Tea Saturdays (once a Month) Time and Venue TBC Afternoons Women meeting up for Tea & Coffee and talking about women related issues and what the Bible says encouraging each other in the Lord. 
Men’s Breakfast Morning


(bi-monthly) Time and Venue TBC

Mornings Men meeting up for breakfast and talking about men related issues and what the Bible says encouraging each other in the Lord. 


Baptism Sessions


TBA (during the summer)


3pm onwards

Once you have received Jesus as your personal saviour and you are born again, the bible says to repent and be baptised. This is an important part of your Christian walk as Jesus too was baptised. If you have not been baptised, please inform Pastor Andy who does baptism sessions during the summer and you too can experience this significant spiritual step in the Kingdom of God.