New Job!

Since going to Victory in Christ Ministries God has blessed me in many ways. I was unhappy at work and did not like the practices and the direction my career was going.

I needed change in my life, as a result I started applying for jobs and praying for my finances. The following week at Church, Pastor Andy came and said to me God will guide you to a job that is perfect for you and he will do it in a way that it can only be him. A few weeks later I got a job interview, I kept it to myself and committed it into Gods hands, I prayed and said “if it is your will God I will get a second interview”.

Two weeks passed and I had finally heard back from the interview, they asked me to come in for another interview. As soon as I found out I knew it was Gods will. The following week I had my second interview and I gave my testimony in Church, and as we where praying I got confirmation, from Pastor Maria that the job was mine.

In the following weeks I got the job offer and had started my new job, now with God’s grace I am going from glory to glory within my job and have never been happier.