Set Free from drugs

Many times before I would tell friends and even myself that I was going to give up smoking knowing that I was not. Just saying those words “give up smoking” would scare me, I’m not talking about a 10 or 20 a day cigarette addiction or every time I have a drink or if I’m out socialising or after a meal, that is what would happen to me once I would try to give up my real addiction.

A 15 year addiction to cannabis, weed, skunk or hasish or whatever else you want to call it, it is all the same. Some say its stronger now, some say one is not as adictive as the other, some say I have 1 to 2 joints in the evening and almost all including myself say “I am not addicted”. But I was addicted, I just never saw myself as a drug addict, that is someone who is on crack or heroin, I would say to make myself feel better.

I can go on for hours telling you about my misery and addiction and even how the government got it wrong by reducing the grade then upgrading the grade and giving the complete wrong message to people especially to our younger generation about cannabis.

Victory in Christ Ministries founded by my good friend, Andy, now pastor and his wife, Maria, helped me so much because the moment I stepped into their home and they prayed for me something inside me woke up, it was like a bolt of lightning, a supersonic boom or as I now know as GOD, He touched me not physically but by His Holy Spirit.

After that day my 15 year smoking addiction took a beating, I’m not going to lie to you and say I did not have a smoke again after that. Infact I smoked more and more only because it was not taking effect on me. I could not understand what was going on, why was I not getting high, stoned or out of it. Because GOD took that desire after a meal, with a drink, with mates socialising, whatever you want to call it, GOD took it away!

Not only did GOD take away the desire from me to smoke, but alot of other things and only addicted smokers will know the temptation, the stomach cramps, the anger from not smoking a joint, the palms and feet and body sweating from not having a joint, then the thoughts came, what am I supposed to do now that I’m not smoking a joint… the list is endless.

Forget the Nicorett patches, leave behind the nicorett inhaler, gum and whatever else you have used to stop smoking…I have known all methods and I have tried all but none even came close to stop me from leaving behind my joint! After that encounter with the sonic boom “GOD” I was in denial that my addiction was gone, the sweating and being scared of not having a joint to hand was all gone but after 15 years of rolling smoking, rolling again and again, the flesh and the body gets so used to it that I couldn’t comprehend the awesome and amazing thing God had just done in my life and I was still puffing!

On Christmas eve, I took that step forward without a smoke and to my disbelief I had no withdrawal symptoms or sweating, infact if I even got a whiff or smell the stuff from someone’s fag or joint in the street, it makes me feel physically sick. I am now clean, free and never ever thought I could be so happy without a joint, I jump out of bed on wet, cold, windy Monday mornings and feel content!

Thank you Victory in Christ Minstries, thank you Pastors Andy and Maria and thank you GOD. Lord, you are an awesome God and now you are my new addiction and there is nothing on this earth that can ever take you away from me!