Healed from Chronic Lower Back pain and restoration of finances!

I wanted to share the blessing of God in my life since I started attending this ministry! I was praying for God to lead me to a good church and He would bless my life and so one day as I was driving looking for a church to attend I saw the sign outside and decided to attend on Sunday. That day Pastor Maria announced that there are deliverance services so I started coming on Tuesday evenings and while I was attending deliverance, God did a miracle in my life and I received protection from evil fighting my life. I was also suffering from chronic back pain; I thought I would become paralyzed as it was so bad. Pastor Andy prayed for my back and I have never suffered with lower back pain again. My son also had pain in his knees and again Pastor Andy prayed for him, and he has been completed healed and can now play football again. Finaly, as I have been attending this church my finances have also been restored as they were in such a mess before coming to VIC. I thank God every single day for directing me to the right church.