My life completely changed since attending VIC!

I was going to a very well-known church for years and serving there too but I constantly had so many problems, nothing seemed to be changing in my life and things were gettingworse instead of better. I gave up on church altogether as I felt so discouraged about everything. We then moved to Enfield and somebody recommended I attend Victory in Christ Ministries and since then everything changed and improved in my life drastically! I have so many testimonies from when I started attending this church – its amazing! However, I decided to get married to someone from back home and when I approached Pastor Maria and she prayed for me, she told me that person is not for me. I didn’t listen to the Pastor and even though God was showing me that this man is not for me, I was adamant to go back to my country and marry him. The whole marriage was a complete disaster and I wish I had listened to God and also to the woman that God used to tell me this person was not the right person for my life. Thank God for His mercy as I am out of this situation now.

Healed from ill mental health on Passover night!

My nephew in the Ivory Coast had severe mental health issues. It was so bad he wouldn’t leave his room, refused to take all medication, wouldn’t talk to anyone etc. I told my family that I would be attending Passover in VIC church and stand in the gap for God to do a miracle in his life on Passover night at church! That night in church, I prayed for my nephew, and the next day my brother called me from the Ivory Coast telling me that God had done a miracle that night. My nephew started talking to his family, agreed to take the medication and even came out of his room acting normal. My brother couldn’t stop thanking me and praising God for the miracle on Passover night!