Found a LIVE church after 20 years of searching!

Since coming to Victory in Christ Ministries, so many awesome things have happened in my life! I knew about healing, deliverance, the anointing and the power of God from back home but when I came to UK, I could not find such a church, which I was searching for 20 years. Everywhere, I went was dead in the things of the spirit and nothing satisfied me spiritually or answered the many questions I had until a sister from Morris Cerrullo World Evangelism informed me about this ministry that here, I can experience the fire and the anointing of God, which is what I have been seeking for. When I first stepped my foot in this church as the Pastors took hold of the microphone, I felt the anointing come upon me and I instantly knew that for the pastors to possesses this, they spent a lot of time in prayer and were serious in the things of God. I was then amazed that just through the preaching of the word of God, all my questions were being answered and I also saw the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in every service so I knew this was not a dead church but one on fire for God. I know that every time I set my foot in this ministry, I get fed spiritually and the anointing that is coming on my life in extremely valuable. I remember one Tuesday evening in the Deliverance Service, Pastor Maria said to the congregation ‘Ask God what you want’ and after 10 minutes she looked at me and said, ‘Brother Gerard, God will give you want you want.’ And that is exactly what happened, shortly after I received that miracle in my life. The deliverance in this ministry is very deep and I have never seen that type of anointing of deliverance in all the years that I have been going to different churches.

Illegal without papers and God made a way!

I praise God for His grace in my life! Five months ago, I wasn’t legal in this country, now, I can testify by His grace, I got my papers and TODAY on the last day of Passover I received confirmation of a job working with VIP people, pension, 28 days paid holiday, car, equipment, tablet, phone and discount in shops! How great is our God moving in this ministry amongst His people!!