Hundredfold Blessing!

As soon as I came to Victory in Christ Ministries I noticed a great change in my finances. I have been living in London for one year now and all I have been getting on a weekly basis is £30 for volunteering and had no other source of income. This was very hard for me as I was just about making it. On my first visit to the church I decided to give all I had which was £5 as an offering and the very next day I was blessed with £100! On my next visit to the church I prayed to the Lord regarding my financial situation and how I needed him to meet my bills and other expences and the following morning I was given a raise working as a volnteer and now I earn £150 per week!! God is trully miraculous in the way He blesses His children.  

Set Free from NIGHTMARES!

My second testimony is that I have been suffering with terrible nightmares seeing my dead father in the dream. As a result, I would wake up constantly feeling ill. I went to my doctor to find out why I was so ill but he could not help me, so I asked the Pastors to pray for me. The pastors visited the next evening to pray for me and anoint me with oil. Pastor Maria explained what I must do regarding seeing dead people in the dream and she commanded it to stop in the name of Jesus. I instantly felt joy in me and have not seen my dead father or any other nightmares since! Thank you Jesus