Healed on the first Sunday I attended church!

I was feeling lost, I was so hungry for God and couldn’t find the right church for me to go to.Every Sunday, I would be trying out a new church but nothing satisfied me spiritually. I needed peace, for God to move in my life and my children to also be in a church with other young people their age and learn the Bible. I was also constantly feeling sick, fainting and ended up in hospital on numerous occasions and the doctors could not tell me what was wrong with me! One day, I got so desperate that I cried out to God to help me find the right church that would help and support me. The Lord led me to VIC! On the first day, I came to church, Pastor Andy prayed for me to be healed and instantly the illness that I was having left me. I then promised God that I would give up work on Sundays and attend every Sunday as this is the Sabbath day of rest even though I would lose money from not working on Sundays. So I continued attending church every Sunday and Pastor Maria prayed for me and I felt the power of God hit me, I have never felt that before. I then started attending deliverance service every Tuesday night and started getting so much deliverance from all sorts of things like anger, negative thinking, stress etc. I started seeing so many changes not just in my spiritual life but also in my physical life such as business opportunities opening up for me.I am in awe of all that God has done for my life since I started attending this ministry!

Miracle Debt Cancellation

I was praying for God to help me with my credit card dents. I decided to honor God by not working on Sundays and start giving my tithes as this is in His word and I needed to be obedient. However, the debt was there and I was stressed about it, it was thousands of pounds! I spoke to Pastor Maria and she told me God will do a miracle and to trust Him as Passover was coming. ONE DAY after I completed Passover, somebody I knew gave me the money to clear my credit card debt, which was in the thousands, out of the blue! Then a gym I was a member of sent me a debt collecting agent saying I owe them £1600. Again, I prayed and wrote to them, they cancelled my debt TODAY – a day after Passover! Thank you, Lord, I received debt cancellation miracles during Passover Week.