Restoration of a business handed to me!

A long time ago when I first started attending VIC church, I was handed the keys to a restaurant, it was a miracle. I could not believe the miracle that I had received. I did not pay anything for it, the business was given to me! However, due to unforeseen circumstances, I lost that restaurant. Five years later, this year, I was invited back to take over that restaurant again but I did not have the money as the lease was too high for me. However, even in that God made a way for me and a week later, a friend of mine called me and told me to come to the door of my house and he was standing there. He told me that he would take on the lease and for me to take over the same restaurant I had lost and that I was the only one that could manage it and look after it! I could not believe my ears that once again what I had lost, the Lord had given it back to me!