J’s Testimony
FREE from ill Mental Health and Sickness

Deliverance has given me physical health and good mental health as I have learnt to fight when the devil tries to poison me in dreams and by the grace of God I haven’t been sick since being hospitalized with severe infections in April / May 2022 and having to see a kidney specialist and having MRI scans. I then came to Victory in Christ Ministries in Enfield and God says if we confess our sins, He is faithful to forgive and cleanse us of all unrighteousness and this is part of that together with sanctification. Since coming to this church, I saw my faith increase through seeing tangible results, life being easier, my mental health and happiness had greatly improved and increased and I no longer fear my impeding death or having spiritual attacks. I now hear the voice of God and see many heavenly visions especially when coming into the Holy of Holies at 3am and seeing very clear messages about the anointing on this ministry. So, I learnt to trust this ministry as there are a lot of false prophets and you have to be careful but I can tell you this ministry is anointed by God.