Prophesy fulfilled!

I was working in a bank as a cashier but as I was in church one day, the Lord spoke through Pastor Maria for me to become a teacher and that she saw the teaching gift in me. I was not sure but decided to be obedient and applied to do my teaching qualification, I wasn’t getting paid but trusted in the Lord regarding His word. Then whilst I was on my teaching placement, Pastor Maria gave me a prophetic word that before I finish my placement, I would have a job! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! I hadn’t even finished my course and I would have a job? However, it is exactly as was prophesied! Whilst on my placement, the Deputy Head of the school asked me to apply for a teaching role that had just come up int that school. I wasn’t confident I was going to get it as others were applying for the same position. I went for the interview and everything went so well, it was as if the Holy Spirit took over my mouth with the things I was saying and that afternoon before I left to go home, I was invited in to the office with the Executive Head and the Deputy Head and given the job as a teacher! I was going to start in September but they were even going to pay me for the summer holidays! I could not believe what had just happened! All glory to Jesus!