Set free from Alcoholism

I became born again and came to the UK to study medicine but I could not get rid of my addiction to alcohol and I prayed and prayed and to God a lot about this problem but it continued in my life. I came across this ministry online so I decided to visit and the first day I set my foot in this church I was instantly delivered from the spirit of alcoholism. I had no desire to drink anymore, it disappeared just from attending the first Sunday Service as the pastors were praying from the pulpit!
Another testimony is my nephew in Kenya was always falling down as his epileptic and I put this prayer request for the church to pray for him and he got healed in Kenya, 7000 miles away! He has not fallen since.
I am always so expectant waiting to hear what the Pastors will be teaching, the prophetic operating here and the anointing of God moving in my life as I attend this church! I give God all the glory for revealing this ministry to me.