Favour in every area since coming to VIC!

One Sunday, after the Pastors’ message on faith due to the cost of living crisis, I had a problem with my energy provider. I was paying every month more than £100 on a prepayment meter. They then sent me a warning that I would even be paying more and I just prayed that Sunday for God’s favour and miracle in this situation. He answered and my bill went down to just £60 a month!

Another miracle is that I found favour in managers eyes.

When the Lord directed me to this church, I was working on Sunday afternoons and it was very difficult attending. The Lord then put in my heart to join the choir, I prayed for favour for my manager to agree for my shift to change so that I can come to His house and serve HIM. My manager didn’t just change my shifts but also told me, I can go and pray without worrying as I have his permission, in just one week, God changed everything!

Received healing in my back!

Another miracle is that I received healing in my back due to a fall at home. Pastor Andy was praying for the sick and I went to the front for prayers. He prayed for me and the intensity of the pain instantly changed. We continued to pray and one day, I felt something cool on my back and the pain was completely gone.

Prophesy fulfilled!

Last year, as Pastor passed me, he looked at me and said that I would get promotion in my job to be a manager and now that prophesy has come to pass! My manager not only gave me the position of Sales Manager but also has given me the shifts I wanted and no weekends. From a sincere heart, I thank Pastor Andy for the prophecy which came to pass, I am still in awe! I thank Pastor Maria for all her encouragement, it has brought a huge change in my way of thinking. I see clear now and hold onto the word of God.