Vivienne’s Testimony
Never to set foot in court again!

For years, my son had an issue with immigration and I was going in and out of the courthouse to support him in his immigration case. On New Year’s Eve service, I attended the Feet Washing Service, as Pastor Maria washed my feet, she prophesied that as she is washing my feet, I will never step my feet in court again, that the case was over! And that is exactly what happened, since that service I never again stepped in court again and my son got his papers!

All my prayer requests written on my prayer shawl have been answered!

I had bought a Prayer Shawl from VIC Bookshop and I brought it to Pastor Maria to pray over it. Over the years, I have written many prayer requests on this prayer shawl and each and every prayer request has been answered! Today, I felt the Lord telling me to bring my prayer shawl to church and share this awesome testimony. This is truly a point of contact miracle.