Many times, people think that deliverance service at Victory in Christ Ministries, London, UK is a one-off thing. How wrong they are! Can you just imagine for a moment, you have spent 20 – 30 years living, and during that journey, you have been angry with people, have had unforgiveness and bitterness in you, sinned etc. Also, think about the generational curses and the doors that have been opened by your ancestors as it says in the word of God (Deuteronomy 5:9). All of these are open doors to the enemy, who the Bible says comes in to kill, steal and destroy in John 10:10. So over the years you have accumulated a lot of ‘baggage’ and this needs to leave your life so you can be set free and live in spiritual freedom which includes happiness, joy, abundance as Jesus says His come to give a Life and a Life in abundance John 10:10 and that can be achieved by living in righteousness, giving into the kingdom of God and also by going through deliverance services in this healing and prophetic ministry church based in Enfield, North London, UK. However, the issue many times when we are seeking deliverance is that we are not ready for it as we still have a lot of unforgiveness in our hearts and doubt. That stops us being set free through deliverance and hence we are holding back all the blessings that God can give us to and are being hindered by the enemy.