There are many different types of healing: Physical Healing by the use of medication, physiotherapy etc or Spiritual Healing.

As a healing church ministry in London, UK we believe that Jesus still heals today with His power as its says in the Bible in the Great Commission to Heal the Sick, cast out Demons and Preach the Gospel (Mark 16:15 – 18). Jesus did not compromise the gospel but did all that was required of Him and more. He was apostolic, prophetic, a healer, an evangelist, preacher, exorcist and more! As a healing church in London, UK we believe the same that we too should pray for the sick, command spirits out and preach the undiluted gospel of Jesus and as we do this, the Kingdom of God has come among us. The problem today is a) many people seeking healing from sources that are spiritual but not from God. This will bring other problems as they are seeing healing from spirits that are not from the real God of heaven. The healing may come temporarily or permanent but there will be a price to pay for this type of healing. But Jesus never asks for anything back, all he wants us to do is have a relationship with Him by repenting of our sins and asking Jesus to become our personal Saviour. As He healed yesterday, he will do the same today in our healing, apostolic and prophetic ministry church in London, UK

Does the church still heal today? 

The answer to the above question is YES in His healing, apostolic church in London, UK! As the Bible says in James 5:14 that the elders are to lay their hands on the sick, anoint them with oil and pray for the sick. But what should we do to receive this gift of healing?

Repent of all past sins and b) forgive those that have hurt us, these are both very basic yet crucial elements are receiving salvation, healing, the prophecy, deliverance etc in His healing, prophetic and apostolic church in London, UK

Without doing these two very simple things, one may be blocking everything else that God wants to bestow upon you. Look at what Jesus says in Matthew 6:14 that when you forgive other people when they do wrong to you, then your heavenly Father will also forgive you. This does not mean we can forget what people have done to us but we have to forgive them so we can move on and obviously, we do not allow them to hurt us again. As VIC is a healing, apostolic, and prophetic ministry church, we know that you can be healed, prophesied over and sent out to the nations of the world to do God’s work!

Types of Spiritual Healing

I can receive from Victory in Christ Ministries which is a healing, prophetic and apostolic church in London, UK

There are two types of healing we need to ask the Lord for a) Physical Healing b) Emotional Healing. God can and will heal both if we believe in Him, forgive those that have hurt us and repent of all of our sins.

Physical Healing is when you feel pain or the doctors have diagnosed something in your body that you have to have treatment for. Emotional healing is when you feel pain, hurt or even anger with what people have done to you in the past. It’s easy to detect physical pain but not always easy to detect emotional pain….as you may still have deep wounds which you don’t even realise you have and only when you are in a situation the memory of what has been done to you comes back and you feel the pain of that emotional hurt, this is where you need to be healed emotionally and unless you do, some parts of your life cannot move forward i.e., in finding a spouse to get married as you may always feel the pain of what someone previously did to you and hence all the barriers go up, you may become aggressive towards this new person in your life and may even walk out of the relationship before it has even started or worse treat that person badly as you don’t want them to hurt you as you are feeling vulnerable. So when you attend our healing, prophetic and apostolic church in London, UK ask God to heal you of all your wounds both physically and emotionally.