Many people ask when they first attend this deliverance ministry based in Enfield, North London, UK what types of spirits they possess that are causing them to do certain things. Well, my question is how long is a piece of string? Exactly, we are unsure but by being willing to go through the process, and having an open heart, our good God will reveal spirits on this part of our spiritual journey. As soon as the Lord reveals the spirit, it is time they come and you are set free in Jesus’ name. Spirits can include the spirit of adultery, fornication, gossiping, lying, theft, Anger, malice, rebelliousness, vindictiveness etc. Or can also have some major strongmen that you need deliverance from in London, UK and they can include the Jezebel spirit, The spirit of Leviathan, and the spirit of Absalom. These are the most powerful demons including the generational curses spirits and very dark witchcraft that may have been done to you such as chains and cages. But Jesus is the great ‘I am who I am’ and nothing is too big for Him. He is more than able to today to cast out any spirit that you may have been the victim of however, you need o have a willing and humble heart acknowledging only he can set you free in His name.