What is the Healing Ministry of the Church?

As the Holy Spirit inspires Christians, Jesus encourages everyone to work as his feet and hands in the healing service. Every type of healing will reflect a different focus of Jesus’ method, as indicated in modern real-life healing ministries. To know healing ministry, we first must go back to paradise and recall we were created in a divinely created world. That is healthy and helps us to be in a relationship with God, any other person, the animals, and the earth itself. The original idea of fullness was shattering. So, the topic of today’s blog is “What is the healing ministry of the church?” Discuss to know. 

Some forms of healing ministry in the Church

Spiritual Healing

In healing ministry in England person’s faith in God is the goal of spiritual healing ministry. When we were still unbelievers, God the Father sent his one and only son to die on the cross in our place. It gives us the ability to connect with God on a deeper level. The cross acts as the core of our connection with God. Ready the way for our ability to reach the area where Jesus can perform healing work. The only way into all the healing that Jesus wishes to give us is as we join him in his plans to repair the lost creation.  

Relational Healing

The process of healing a bond with another individual is known as “relational healing.” Jesus repairs and untangles our network of broken social interactions, which leads to relationship healing. It focuses on men’s and women’s relationships, families and friends, socio-economic classes, cultures, and the unity of nations.

Emotional Healing

The method used to remove the damaging effects of evil inside includes inner healing. This process is also known as emotional healing. Inner healing helps avoid the effects of our own mistakes and the crimes of others. Inner healing also includes restoring a person’s emotional and psychological well-being. It heals the broken image of God within us. Evil is the primary source of emotional pain and poor relationships. Real healing ministry in England and the repair of a proper relationship with God happen when guilt is removed.

Physical Healing

Jesus’ love offered relational, spiritual, inner, and physical healing to all he loved. The physical healing ministry in England is the way of restoring a person’s physical system to its original design.

Environmental Healing

The interactions between humans and the natural environment are at the centre of environmental healing, usually known as the “cure of nature.” Human control over the planet is restored when creation is healed. Because it aims toward a good paradise and a new earth, it starts to repair the effects of the fall.

Jesus is actively creating a kingdom by bringing more people towards him and healing longstanding injuries brought by living in this corrupt world. The final solution can be found in the mystery of God’s creation. He gets us and cures us out of pure love. Our reward and healing give us the chance to take part in Jesus’ healing work of rescue from death due to the same love of God.      

Christian Events and Conferences

“Holy conversation” is the outcome of being led by the Holy Spirit. A Christian conference or event is “a genuine, direct, entering discussion with other Christians that was designed to help the participants develop in goodness.” In addition to the time for company, worship, prayer, and meditation, attendees normally hear from special guests on a specified topic. For instruction and learning, most Christian retreat planners will select a topic, and the schedule will be designed around that. So, today we are here to discuss the topic of “Christian Events and Conferences.” Let us begin.

  • Charismatic church service in which church leaders will relax from their daily duties at leadership conferences. They provide an opportunity to interact with other leaders and to recharge, refresh, discuss, and collaborate.

  • The Men’s Conference is designed to focus on the issues that all men face in today ‘s society and to give ideas and advice for properly dealing with the ongoing stress that we all face.

  • The main goal of charismatic church service is to bring the truth to the public in their language and culture. To support the believers in their duties, develop their beliefs and loyalty, and raise public awareness.

  • What are the major motivations for attending charismatic church service events? Meeting competitors in business and the same people is a big benefit of attending meetings. Conferences are a good way to meet new people in your career because they bring together people from all different countries which interested in a similar field or subject.

  • The advantage of going to a conference is Finding the top influencers. Gain valuable knowledge and use it to grow your business. Know what your business competitors are doing and how to identify your business. Use network options to get new clients.

  • The conferences gave usually more focused than in the early days as Christians grow and get older. Before then, speakers would usually read a short passage from the Bible or explain the value of standing for Christ in class. Because worship groups prefer to connect with children better than a 30- to 45-minute lecture, they would be the conference’s big attraction.

  • There are many different aspects of living a Christian life that may be explored, developed, and analyzed. To fulfill these needs and help one another become better Christians, conferences specific to spiritual life are offered.

  • Choosing the best charismatic church service event for you can be difficult, especially given that registration slots usually start months ahead of time. One idea is to take some time at the start of the year to do a little research on the various conferences you can attend. Look into the aims of these conferences.

  • Even though it may seem easy to follow well-organized groups and speakers, you must consider how you can improve the journey. Attend a seminar that focuses on this if you are a new Christian and do not understand prayer. Maybe you are a more experienced Christian who wishes to do discipleship better. When it comes to Christian conferences, there are many options.

Top Five Tips for Finding the Deliverance Church UK

As Jesus says, “He came to set the captives free.” Deliverance is a core part of any church. In this Apostolic and Prophetic Church based in Enfield, London, UK, Jesus is still working to free its victims from evil control. Glory in Christ Churches is freeing prisoners in the same way that in which Jesus freed slaves two thousand years ago. People from all kinds of backgrounds and all parts of London and the UK come to this church to be free from the devils that are ruling their lives. The church will provide psychotherapy and talk about the person’s problems and what is happening to that person’s spiritual life. In today’s blog, we are providing suggestions about “Top Five Tips for Finding the Deliverance Church UK”. Let’s see.

  • Finding Deliverance Church UK is not too tough, but you need some tips before moving. The first key step that you need to do is to ensure you have the courage and bravery to accept the deliverance responsibility once you have proven that the issue’s true source is evil. It is a deliverance mission from the Lord Himself, whether it’s for you personally or for another person you may be helping. You will need courage and boldness because you may face criticism and taunts from people, such as other Christians who are less educated and aware of this part of the Christian life.
  • The next step is to go directly to God the Father in prayer and ask him to guide you by his Holy Spirit to the deliverance ministry. He will want you to work with him once you have gotten clear permission from the Holy Spirit to carry on this type of heavy deliverance work. You can now ask locals to point you in the right direction to a local church near you.
  • Finding Deliverance Church UK is not a big deal. I think you should start by going through the proper path in the Church in this region of spiritual battle where you are fighting a more serious case of evil invasion. It means that if you join a respected local church, you should start by talking with the minister there. In this area of spiritual things, God is raising a greater number of pastors.
  • Your next step may be to search online or in the area contacts list for a list of all of the main charismatic and non-denominational churches in the area. If the leader of the church fails or refuses to help you with a deliverance church UK.
  • Every one of the Christian contacts and friends will also be a credible source. One or two of them may know a person who can help you in this matter from another church or organization. You only need one person to guide you in the direction of the right choice. In your search for this chosen minister of deliverance, leave no question unanswered. These are the few ways in which you can find the right church for you.

How to Find the Best Apostolic Church in London, UK?

Finding an apostolic church in Enfield can be quite difficult. It will take a lot of patience, especially when moving into a new community. Usually, you can pay a visit to the Church only once or twice a week. So searching for a church that is located near your location will be extremely helpful so that you do not have to worry about travelling a lot. There are certain tips that will help you find an apologetic Church located near your location.

Research online

The most basic thing you can do here is to search for apostolic ministry in London to find all the churches that are located near your location. No doubt, the online search can provide a long list of options, but in the end, you need to research and visit the website of each of the churches to get a proper idea.

Take recommendations

In case you want to avoid the long process of researching, the best you can do is contact your friends or family or your neighbours to know about the options in your area. But you must be mindful while asking such questions so that you do not hurt the sentiments of anyone.

Type of services

Once you have the list of the apostolic Church in Enfield, you need to consider the type of services they offer. You must see if you will be comfortable with the formal option or informal atmosphere. You must know that both formal and informal practices are carried out throughout London. So you have to be mindful about this. When you choose right things will be easy.

Type of ministry and programs

No doubt there is a specific ministry that is applicable for all the churches in London. But some of the programs differ. Thus you must understand the ministry approach and other systems of programs, classes, productions. So it is advised that you check this in advance before joining.

Check the website

Lastly, visiting the website of the Church is important to understand the other aspects. It will save you a lot of time. On the website, you have to look for the youth programs and other information. Also, you will get a good feeling about your choice by visiting the website. Most of the churches provide all the information online as to how the Church got started, statement of faith and different other information which will be helpful for you.


Finding a good apostolic Church in Enfield can be easy when you are dedicated to the search. In fact, by making recommendations for apostolic ministry in England, you will have the option to ease the process and narrow down the list of the choices. Recommendations at the ends are a reliable option for finding churches suitable for you and located near your location. Also, it will guarantee you have the convenience of visiting the Church easily without any worry about travelling long hours.

The meaning of Agape (love)

On Sunday the 3:6 teens looked at the concept of Love.

Our mission verse states that it was because of His great Love for us that God sent His son, Jesus, to die for us.

What then does it mean to love someone or something?

As expected, we thought immediately of our families and our mothers in particular.  Our family loves us and we love them – even our brothers and sisters and ancient grandparents we have to kiss at Christmas. Some of the reasons for our love for family (familial love) are

1 – They care for us (Food, Clothing, Shelter)

2 – They know us and accept us

3 – The can never be replaced

4 – They Love us! – it is easy to love someone who loves you.

We also discussed our Friendships and Love for others.  This is an instinctive love for all other called compassion and empathy.  We don’t like to see others suffer or in pain and distress. Unfortunately friends, even very good friends, come and go throughout our lives.

Eros is the Love we have for the opposite sex and the love we have for our partner and (one day) our spouse. This is a very special and strong love bond which must not be taken lightly and we must be careful and responsible to whom we extend such Love.

We also have a love of things, of activities and of many other things such as style, taste, music, sport and such. We need to be very cautious that we do not confuse the love between man and woman as just an activity. Objective Love, Unlike Eros, is very fleeting and fickle and changes almost all the time as we change and society changes.  Suddenly that trendy sweater is, “so last year…”

Finally there is Agape love – a mother’s love. This is a totally unconditional love without reason or any expectation.  This is how God loves us – for no reason – nothing we have done or even can do – we cannot earn it and we definitely don’t deserve it. God’s Agape loves last forever – we cannot lose it – we just need to accept it, celebrate it and live our lives surrounded by it.

As we, teenagers, enter into a new phase of life, we realize everything is changing, Our schools, our friends, our wants and goals, our bodies and emotions and our viewpoints and understanding of the human politic around us. As children of God it is vital that we know that God and His Agape love for us Never changes. He accepts us as we are. We do not have to impress Him or dress a certain way or do anything – He loves us.

Every morning, when brushing your teeth, look in the mirror, beyond everything you see and say, “Thank you Lord for loving me no matter what…I love you!

Introduction to VIC Youth

3:6 Teens is the Victory in Christ Youth Group who love Jesus and are committed to living their lives for His glory. We stand on John 3:16, knowing that we are loved and accepted by God and through Jesus, His son, we get to spend eternity in Heaven.  We also know that God loves to bless us on Earth and Jesus is our companion, guide and friend no matter what the circumstances. He really does Love us.

Please login to our bi-weekly Blog where we will be looking at our Sunday discussions and also at the topics which matter to us today. Secondary School these days is filled with pressures, stresses and anxieties from teachers, parents, friends and even our own bodies… Knowing that we are loved and accepted by Christ is what gives us the confidence and strength to shine for Him and excel in all that we do…

Our starting point is our verse John 3:16, which is vital that we fully understand.  Every 1st and 3rdSunday of the month, we have very informal and frank discussions regarding concepts such as God, Love, His son, Beliefs and Life and others. These impact and influence our daily lives so it is important to know what the Bible has to say on these and many other issues. We also encourage and help each other both in person and via our Whatsapp group.

3:6 Teens meet on a Sunday Morning at VIC Church, 10.30 – 12.00, and all Year 7 to 11 are very welcome and encouraged to join.