Read some of our many inspiring testimonies of HOPE and ENCOURAGEMENT! Real testimonies and experiences revealing the precious reality and power of God!

Set FREE from Drugs!

New Job!

Hundredfold Blessing

Set free from Alcoholism

Miracles in every area of my life!

Free from the Power of Witchcraft!

Alessandra’s Testimony
FREE from Smoking!

Vivienne’s Testimony
Never to set foot in court again!

J’s Testimony
FREE from ill Mental Health and Sickness

Suzanne’s Testimony
Overwhelming breakthroughs!

Marlise’s Testimony
Healed and delivered from excruciating pain

Found a LIVE church after 20 years of searching!

Court Case miraculously cancelled!

Miraculous Business Breakthrough

Favour in every area since coming to VIC!

An evil spirit left the room

Healed on the first Sunday I attended church!

My life completely changed since attending VIC!

Changes every time I step in Church

Pain of Arthritis gone after 7 years of suffering!

Deaf Ear Opened!

Deaf Ears Opened!

Received back my eyesight!

Healed from Chronic Lower Back pain and restoration of finances!

Passover Debt Cancellation miracle!

Restoration of a business handed to me!

Prophesy fulfilled!